Introduction to balance scales and scale software

Scale Software

A story is told of Sherlock who lent money to a man he did not like very much. When the man forfeits his payment, Sherlock demand a pound of flesh and he came with a balance scale to be sure he got exactly what he was owed. Just what is a balance scale and why is it important? Is scale software any better? A balance scale is used for weighing. It has two pans and a balance beam. A balance scale is fairly easy to use and is used for direct weighing. An object whose weight is known is used to compare the weight and the beam is in equilibrium. A direct weighing on a balance scale requires the arms to be equal in length.

Types of balance scale

  •         Beam Balance Scale
  •         Sliding balance Scale

Scale software is used for data management.

Examples of scale softwares are:

Dispatch 3.0

This is the newest and most popular scale software used for data management, reporting and ticketing. It is an improved and easier to use version.

The software is available for download for a 45-day trial. It works well with Windows operating system.

Dispatch 1.5

You can download a 90-days trial version. They are compatible with Windows.

 Road Builder

Road builder is convenient for use where cash or invoices are required.

Scale display software for windows

It is used in windows.  With scale display, the windows computer remotely displays digital weight indicators. It also has a built in web server which allows you to monitor your scale from a web browser.

It is free scale software all you have to do is download and use it.

 Axle weighing system software for windows

Like the name suggests, it is used on Windows and can be downloaded for free.

This scale software is used either with full length truck scales or with the traditional axle weighing scale.

 Cs-ISQL-interactive SQL for dispatch

This is a more ready to use scale software. The dispatch comes with compiled reports. However, to get more control over the dispatch you will need to get CS_ISQL which will enable you to view your data the way you want to see them.

It also makes it possible to create extra reports which you can be printed, email or save for future reference. What more would you like to know about balance scales and scale software? Let’s talk.