Why Investing In A AWD Dyno Is The Superior Choice

AWD Dyno

Dynamometers are specialised machines that allow auto professionals to make tweaks and adjustments to your car’s engine in order for it to work in absolute optimal condition. A while back, dyno tuning services were mostly only used by professionals in auto racing and similar industries. However, since dyno tuning services and equipment have been made more affordable, now anyone who owns a car could benefit greatly from these services.

Dyno Options

If you are a workshop owner looking to invest in a dyno machine, there are basically two options available to you: an AWD dyno or a 2WD dyno. At MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment in NZ, we only supply AWD dynos and believe that they are the premium choice. Here’s why:

  • AWD dynos allow you to perform dyno tuning on almost any vehicle, while 2WD dynos are only designed to be used on 2WD vehicles. This limits your customer base and does not provide you with many growth opportunities.
  • AWD dynos usually come with better operational and safety features.

Differences Between 2WD And 4WD Dyno

So then why would anyone buy a 2WD dyno instead of a 4WD dyno? Well, here’s the thing. There is quite a large difference in cost. 2WD dynos are significantly cheaper. But let’s think about the long term here! Unless you have only 2WD clients at your workshop, the 4WD dyno is going to provide you with a lot more business and many more opportunities than a 2WD dyno would.

AWD Dyno

If you buy a 2WD dyno, you may find that you are ready for an upgrade after a few years. It makes far more sense to simply invest in an AWD dyno in the beginning so that you never have to turn down any customers.

And are customers even interested in dyno services? Yes! This type of service is becoming more and more popular, and is definitely on the rise. It can offer clients better safety, efficiency, and allows them to drive their vehicle in its most optimal condition!

Are you interested in investing in an AWD dyno for your workshop? Get in touch with the dyno professionals at MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment in NZ today!

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